The Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation book is the collection of Higher Self channeled video teachings created over a 6 month period in 2013. Twenty-two videos and over 30 hours of teachings were channeled to examine every part of the personal human self in great depth.

Information about the 5 layers of our being is provided (Spiritual Consciousness, mind, emotional energy system, physical body, external world). Guided meditation practices are presented to help you directly experience these parts of yourself.  While in deep states of expanded consciousness, you are taught how to understand and transform these aspects of inner and outer reality.

Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation

In this book, you will be led on a consciousness-expanding journey through all the layers of your human self.  We begin at the source of yourself: the Eternal Spiritual Consciousness.  In each chapter we journey outwards from this source.

Time is spent in the mind to understand how the personal mind functions and how to effectively work with the mind (thoughts, memories, imagination, desires, etc).  The power of creative intention is taught and then utilized to help you see see how powerful you truly are.  Everything is possible when you know your own creative strength and how the multi-dimensional human system functions.

After the mind, the Higher Self guides you into your emotional energy system, where you work with your chakra energies, your subconscious belief patterns, your emotions, and your self-healing abilities. Then the journey takes you into your physical body, where you relearn how to move with awareness, how to breath with awareness, how to properly nourish your body with food, and how to use your creative voice. Finally the journey takes you out into this world.

You are taught about the direct relationship between your inner creative reality of Spirit, mind and emotion, and the outer creative world.  Tools for personal mastery help you to create the human life that your deepest Self desires.  You will learn about the powers your mind, emotions and physical body have in this world.  You will learn how to effectively cooperate with other people and the nonphysical energies of this world – helping you to achieve your own personal success in anything you desire.

Never before has a manual for personal mastery like this been written. Every important aspect of every layer of yourself is examine, awakened and transformed.  Suggestions and practices are provided to help you master your personal reality as a human being. Now, in written book form, you can pursue a deeper study of your personal reality.

Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Connect Within
3. Controlling Intention
4. True Understanding with Samadhi
5. Contemplating Your Experience
6. Your Plan of Action
7. Erase Your Limitations
8. Affirmations & Mind Mastery
9. Understand Your Emotional Health
10. Chakra Alignment
11. Unlimited Chakra Energy
12. Deepest Physical Relaxation

13. Skeletal Alignment
14. Your Creative Breath
15. Body Movement Awareness
16. Creative Power of Your Voice
17. Fasting to Awaken Your Body’s Intelligence
18. Choosing the Correct Foods to Eat
19. Psychic Messages & Telepathy
20. Emotional Energy in Our World
21. Earth, Water, Fire, Air Mastery
22. Mastering the Laws of Change
23. Living as Your Higher Self
24. Closing

Welcome to the Higher Self path of spiritual awakening. I wish you the best along your journey and truly wish you the best in your life.   Awaken to the master you’ve always been.

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