Satsang with the Self 2009

Following the success of 99 Days 99 Channels, Lincoln began a weekly live webcam video conferencing series called Satsang with the Self. Like the previous series, these live, unedited teachings are the direct transmission of knowledge and energy channeled from the Higher Self Consciousness.

Begining in January 2009 and continuing to the year’s end, Lincoln channeled 39 teachings on a variety of topics – all related to spiritual development and Higher Self awakening. Many teachings are the Higher Self’s responses to questions asked by the audience. Some teachings include guided meditations, energy empowerments for spiritual awakening and healing, and unique methods for faster and deeper ego purification. All Higher Self Teachings have the power to educate, transform and awaken.

The purpose of the Satsang with the Self teaching series is to communicate the Higher Self path of spiritual awakening. The Higher Self path is unique because the main goal is the direct, personal experience of your own Higher Self state of consciousness. This is the spiritually awakened state, free from ego, consciously connnected to the Source of Life, the Intelligence of Life and the blissful Energy of Life – experienced while living as a human being upon this earth. All distracting information and methods of lower effectiveness have been eliminated to help you have the fastest and safest spiritual development.

On the Higher Self path, we learn to trust in the Inner Self and the field of Universal Intelligence as a direct personal experience. We learn how to purify the personal ego to align ourselves with the original spiritual human design.

Compared to 99 Days 99 channels, the Satsang with the Self teachings focus on the Higher Self path on spiritual awakening. If you are looking for answers on many popular topics about life, metaphysics, morality, etc, then the 99 Days 99 Channels book series is recommended for you. If you are seeking genuine spiritual development, personal purification and the understanding of core spiritual concepts and practices, then the 2009 Satsang with the Self book series is a great place to start.

The 2009 Satsang with the Self teachings are Lincoln’s third year of public Higher Self teachings. This teaching series is the first time that Lincoln has channeled before a live audience. The Satsang with the Self teachings are particularly powerful because of the harmony of the audience as well as the increasing development of the channel.

Special Thanks

At the time of release, special thanks will be given those who have donated their time and energy to help make these Higher Self Teachings possible. These books could not have been possible without your Love and support.

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