Satsang with the Self 2010

January 2010 began the second consecutive year of the Satsang with the Self Teachings by Lincoln Gergar.

As the Higher Self Teachings audience grew and matured in spiritual understanding along the Higher Self path, so did the teachigns. In 2010, the Satsang with the Self teachigns took the next step, exploring core spiritual concepts and techniques in greater depth. A more developed understanding of human psychology was delivered. Emphasis became the development of the human energy system, various energy bodies, chakras, and prana / chi. Teachings communicated advanced meditation practices to deepen inner silence and building ecstatic kundalini awakening.

The 2010 Satsang with the Self teachings take the sincere Higher Self student to greater depths of knowledge and development of spiritual practices. The more that you, as the student, evolve the more you find that the Higher Self has always existed within you. By quieting the ego’s expression inside of you – as your stream of thoughts and overpowering emotions – you awaken the deeper spiritual consciousness and Higher Self intelligence.

Peace and wisdom grow within your mind. Stillness grows within your emotions and body. Divine Love grows within your Spiritual Heart. The Higher Self awakening has begun.

Special Thanks

At the time of release, special thanks will be given those who have donated their time and energy to help make these Higher Self Teachings possible. These books could not have been possible without your Love and support.

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