Testimonials from Event Participants

The following quotes are a feedback testimonials shared by participants at the Higher Self Teachings classes, workshops, and retreats.  Lincoln has asked participants to provide these so that you gain an honest understanding of the remarkable spiritual changes and deep transformation that takes place during these events.

Higher Self Teaching events are much more than lectures and theory.  We enter the Higher Self energy and intelligence together, raising our own energy frequency and consciousness to experience the Higher Self.  These events give you the opportunity to experience the Higher Self within you – not just talk about it.   These deeper changes are made possible by the Higher Self energy and consciousness that Lincoln transmits and also added support of all participants collectively creating the same intention to spiritually awaken.

Dear Lincoln thank You for being such a powerful inspiration. As a meek beginner i will too start meditating twice a day as recommended by You. One thing is certain: since Zürich my emotional compulsory reaction habit is almost gone, i guess about 85%. I have no other explanation than having received SO MUCH LOVE PEACE MAXIMUM FULFILLMENT from having met YOU. THANK YOU AGAIN THROUGH MY HEART CENTER OF BEING.

Georgia F.

Channel Higher Self in Zurich
June 28 and 29, 2014, Zurich, Switzerland

I just wanted to share with you how extraordinarily grateful I am for the Heaven on Earth workshop you did on Saturday. It was the GREATEST day of my life!! It taught me soo much!! My Consciousness extended SOOOO far beyond and out into the cosmos and at the same time I was feeling my Spiritual Heart radiate this incredible amount of love to the earth and beyond. I went into this state of heavenly bliss I never thought was possible. It was just so incredible and powerful!! I would do anything to have a recorded video of that day if you ever make that possible.

Everything you were channelling was just so PERFECT and not once did I lose concentration.. I was just smiling the entire time saying yesssssssss yesssssssssss exactlyyyyyyyyy yessssss!!!!!!! I was SO happy and filled with joy I can’t even explain it. Just knowing that I breathe that cosmic universal source love energy from the entire universe makes me happy.

Lincoln, I really cannot THANK you enough for reminding us.. my favorite part was when our awareness extended beyond the sun into the light and swirly nebulas of the milky way galaxy and at the same time feeling our aura and looking into our third eye and radiating out divine blissful love into the universe… I actually realized that I AM a universal star being of love and that it’s all up to me to ALLOW myself to perceive this in every moment… it;s very difficult to ALWAYS be in this state of awareness but after experiencing that workshop I know it’s possible!!!

I love you Lincoln sooo much and everybody who attended the workshop and everything in the universe and I will be forever grateful for your service!! Namaste!!!!!!!

Michael F.

Heaven on Earth Zone
June 7-8, 2014, Wicklow, Ireland

Lincoln it was such a privilege having you stay with us in England during your Summer 2013 tour…I just wanted to update you on some of the new transformations that have been happening to me since you left, as you know I was a bit of a stress head…worry…stress…worry…stress…distract myself here…distract myself there…distract myself everywhere!!…as I sit writing this reflecting back on what was only a few months ago, I am amazed at the change of my inner essence…I don’t worry anymore!… Yes you heard right…it’s like my eyes have opened deep down to my core and my heart is melting softly, I’m trusting in LIFE which means I’m trusting in myself…it’s like I’m a wise old lady stuck in this amazing young healthy body, with the knowledge of the universe inside me…I’m more accepting towards everything…judging people has become near on non existent…my thoughts have slowed way down and are nearly always positive, it’s like I know everything but nothing at all and I’m at peace with that…its like i’ve taken a giant leap into the connectedness of everything….and I believe it’s not been just through your teachings that has made this radical change in me but by having your energy around me…I’ve never experienced anyone as at peace as you are, I believe your energy has helped clear mine in some way…it’s like I’ve stolen some of it from you and it feels amazing, I can’t thank you enough for freely giving what you have to me over the last 2 years….in 3 months I’ve opened up an online company making organic beauty products and progressing extremely well with my new book…I never would have thought I could achieve so much….I am now seeing that I am a very creative being….I feel AMAZING!!!!!!…Thank You dearly!!!!

Donna J.

Peace, Power Love: 2 Day Higher Self Retreat
July 13-14, 2013, England

Wow!!!! What can I say? I don’t even know if there are words to describe the transformation in my life ( and those closest to me, that don’t practice any sort of spiritual beliefs!). Since not only following your teachings AND experiencing your teachings, practicing your teachings from the Higher self. Not only am I unrecognisable, my whole life has changed 360.

I’m healthy! I’m no longer on medication! And I love every being on this beautiful planet, that I’ve chose to learn my life experience on.  I practice living from my spiritual heart every day, and the love just overflows. I can’t thank you enough for leading me to the divine creator.

Lincoln you have answered my deepest questions I am no longer hungry for any thing. Because of you I have the deepest most beautiful knowing, I just trust the universe now.

After actually meeting you and spending wonderful quality time with you, all I can say is your life is a true example of your teachings, I feel blessed to have meet you, you have an energy that radiates pure love and acceptance. Even my son who can’t bear to be near strangers just gravitated towards you and needed to be next to you and in your presents.(now that’s miraculous).

Your work is a beautiful gift to society, your dedication and your work will change this world and every person who comes into contact with you, how ever they find you. I’m so grateful to you Lincoln you chanced me from the inside out and saved my marriage from the brink of destruction. I shall continue to practice all that you teach as the prof for me is in the experience. Your a wonderful beautiful soul. Until we meet again.  Thank you

Nikki B.

Peace, Power Love: 2 Day Higher Self Retreat
July 13-14, 2013, England

Your beautiful journey of trust, surrender, love and service is inspirational. Thank-you for spreading the uplifting and empowering teachings of Higher Self with the world and being a true example of what is possible.


Peace, Power Love: 2 Day Higher Self Retreat
July 13-14, 2013, England

Thank you for coming to England, it was truly amazing to see you work in person and to meet you , your charka cd is very good one the best I have done. I’m so pleased all went well for you and I look forward to any events next year…keep up your amazing work.   Blessings and love.


Peace, Power Love: 2 Day Higher Self Retreat
July 13-14, 2013, England

I have been following Lincoln on YouTube for some years now, so it was great meeting him in person and attending one of his workshops. His teachings are very loving and clear, and it was no different at his workshop. Lincoln explained we are our Higher self and guided us thru a meditation to help us open up more to the experience of our Higher self and its guidance. For me this was really nice, as I got answers to some questions I had. I am happy he came to The Netherlands and I would like to attend his next workshop here as well.


Connecting With Your Higher Self
June 22, 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lincoln you are even more amazing in person, what a beautiful day we all shared. Thank you for making that an unforgettable experience – you are so inspiration, intelligent and a wonderful communicator. cannot wait until you are back in California!


The Empowerment of Your Spiritual Self Within this World
June 10, 2013, Los Angeles, California USA


Namaste! Yesterday was a special blessing and life altering experience at your beautiful event. Your clear and supportive leadership is so powerful as you led us to the Sacred Heart and the connection to our Higher Self. Thank you so much! This is a place we know but your direction enables me to access this effortlessly and I do feel that I can stay connected to this place even while busy at other activities.

[Today], moments of you from yesterday’s events kept coming to my third eye and facilitated my letting go of control and all resistance. The lack of effort is the wonderful part of this process that you led us to yesterday and that is working so wonderfully for me today. Lincoln, your beauty is completely balanced in the triad of spiritual, mental/emotional and physical, that you do embody the Christ energy…. You also make a great Muse! As does the Higher Self of course…

My love and my Sacred Heart go with you on your upcoming tour as I know that you are realizing a very powerful and critical mission. Thank you is inadequate to express my gratitude.


The Empowerment of Your Spiritual Self Within this World
June 10, 2013, Los Angeles, California USA


Thank you for another fantastic, consciousness enlightening presentation. You did a wonderful job presenting the information. I really enjoyed experiencing the exercise, and was wondering how you were going to pull this off for the Skype participants? You did it and it worked beautifully.


The Empowerment of Your Spiritual Self Within this World
June 10, 2013, Los Angeles, California USA


It was amazing to meet you in person and be in a company of like minded souls!! I’m witnessing a ripple effect of our meet up. Have a wonderful trip overseas!! Love, light & namaste!!<3
The Empowerment of Your Spiritual Self Within this World
June 10, 2013, Los Angeles, California USA


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