• Spiritual Teachings from the Higher Self

    Spiritual knowledge, energetic empowerrments and deep purification from the Higher Self Consciousness .


The Higher Self Teachings

The Higher Self is the blissful superconscious, higher mind part of ourselves that is the expression of Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power.

During spiritual awakening, our personal consciousness grows to become aware of the greater parts of ourselves. We may feel energies, intuition and even psychic knowledge.  We raise our energy vibration and spiritually purify ourselves to embody more of our Higher Self – the eternal Soul aspect of our being. Full spiritual realization and enlightenment occurs when we attain the conscious experience of blissful union with the Source of Life and all of creation. Everything is One and we are home!

Along our spiritual journey, we will all awaken an inner teacher. This inner teacher is the Higher Self.  These guided meditation CDs, workshop DVDs, and books are directly channeled from the Higher Self Consciousness to help you have the most effective spiritual awakening and personal growth.

The Higher Self Teachings help you to understand all areas of your life from a higher spiritual perspective. Topic range from How to Raise your Children with Love to Attracting your Soulmate, Free Yourself from Spiritual Crisis to How to Overcome Fear and Chakra Awakening and Healing to 2012 Ascension Empowerment.  Nearly every aspect of human experience will be eventually be touched in this Higher Self Teachings.

Meditation CDs & mp3s

Understand yourself, your relationships and your life at a higher level. Connect with your spiritual Higher Self. Transform yourself, your life and this world with the Higher Self Teachings.

Higher Self World Tour

Participate in workshops and live Higher Self channelings in person and online using Skype webcams.    Receive personal guidance and share in the blissful love as we all connect to the Higher Self together. View the event schedule here.

Workshop Videos & DVDs

Lincoln Gergar, channel for Higher Self

Since 2007 the Higher Self has shared it’s message with millions of sincere spiritual seekers through channel Lincoln Gergar. After 4 years and over 1,000 recorded Higher Self Teachings this spiritual knowledge is now available to you in books and guided meditation CDs. May the Higher Self Teachings bring us all closer to the realization of who and what we are. learn more

Lincoln Gergar


It was so amazing to listen to you, it was like my heart could finally speak. What I can never bring into focus you showed me, thank-you.
G, Canada

Sharing your gift as a higher self channel has been, by far, the most transformative experience I have ever had. It was everything I have searched to know and assisted me to connecting to that deepest part of my heart that was yearning to be expressed.
Pamela, USA