About the Higher Self Teachings

In 2007, Lincoln Gergar began sharing free public teachings and private consultation sessions from the Higher Self consciousness. In less than 3 years, Lincoln’s Higher Self Teachings had been received by more than 1 million people in nearly every English speaking country. Now the Higher Self Teachings are available to you in book and audio CD formats.

The Higher Self

The Higher Self is the super-conscious, higher mind part of ourselves that is the full expression of Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power. As we work to purify ourselves and remove our egos, we embody more of our eternal self that lives in conscious union with God.

Spiritual and religious traditions throughout history have spoken of the Higher Self within each of us. The Christians call it the Holy Spirit. The New Age calls it Christ Consciousness, Over Soul, Monad or Enlightenment. Buddhism labels it Buddha (The Awakened One). Hinduism calls it Atman, the Self or Krishna Consciousness. There are many terms given in various cultures for the same experience. The Higher Self is the direct personal realization and embodiment of the deepest spiritual aspect of ourselves – our Eternal Self that is in conscious union with the Creator God and all of life.

Spiritual seekers have consciously sought the Higher Self awakening experience, dedicating lifetimes to spiritual knowledge, personal healing and purification, ecstatic energy promotion and light body activation. Those dedicated enough to the spiritual path and fortunate enough to receive support by Higher Self within and by others, physically and non-physically, were able to reach remarkable spiritual heights. Some of those teachers have changed the course of human history forever. Some of those teachers continue to assist humanity’s growth.

When asked “what is enlightenment like?”, many awakened teachers used words like bliss, love, peace, purity, oneness, and God. Some teachers chose to remain silent, conveying that words could never explain this state of Self-realization.

To assist the spiritual development of their students, awakened teachers would share verbal and written teachings and deeply tranforming practices like meditation and energy cultivation exercises. Some teachers would even offer direct energy transmissions and empowerments to more quickly purify and advance the students who were ready.

The common bond between all Higher Self-awakened teachers was that the teachers would allow the Universal Intelligence and Universal Creative Energy to flow through themselves, unblocked and unchanged by their own personal self. The depths of ego purification in the teachers were great enough to allow the Higher Self to communicate and purify through them, using their human mind-body system as the channel. By surrendering their own self to the Higher Self, the awakened teacher would be of the greatest service to their students.

With this understanding in mind and intention at heart, Lincoln Gergar has chosen to surrender himself into the Higher Self to share knowledge, energy, peace and healing to all sincere spiritual seekers who feel drawn to awaken their Higher Self state of consciousness.

The Higher Self is within us all. This knowledge, peace and blissful Love is our eternal birthright. With proper guidance any student can be led into their own Spiritual Heart center to awaken their blissful connection to God – the Higher Self.

Surrendering in this way returns us to Pure Consciousness, original state of God.

Lincoln Gergar

Lincoln GergarAs a child Lincoln Gergar experienced life differently. Yet, he did not know it at the time. It was normal for Lincoln to spend many minutes and even hours without thought. Effortlessly Lincoln’s mind was silent whenever he concentrated on a task. Lincoln was naturally peaceful within, very sensitive to the energies of others, and excelled at art, academics and sports.

When falling asleep Lincoln would communicate with an intelligence greater than himself, knowing it to be his own mind but with access to information impossible for his earthly self to know. This communication developed into the ability to channel school papers and to have insight into events before they happened. During his dream time, Lincoln would be taken on journeys with non-physical teachers where he was taught about non-physical energy, the mind and the intricacies of human psychology. Unknown to him at the time, Lincoln was being prepared for something greater.

While in adolescence, the only major difficulty that he experienced was how to communicate causally. His mind was so silent within that he truly had nothing to say. While other kids where talking about everything and anything that came to mind, Lincoln was quiet. When he tried to make his mind think something to say, it was still blank.

At the age of 18, Lincoln was given his first spiritual book which awakened in him a never-before-felt burning desire to acquire spiritual knowledge. His direction in life quickly changed as this inner desire grew stronger while he studied the teachings of spiritual teachers throughout human history. The words of teachers like Lao Tzu, Siddhartha Guatuama Buddha, Bodhidharma, Sosan, Don Juan Matus, Ramana Maharshi and others became his constant companions as he gave up all other worldly pursuits. Studying and meditating filled his time. When active in life, his attention was always on his breath or the inner silence of awareness. Complete days of verbal silence become commonplace. Within four years, Lincoln’s spiritual education from books was complete. From 2004 onward  his Inner Teacher – the Higher Self – would be his primary guide.

It was in 2002, at the age of 20, that Lincoln realized his life purpose, which was immediately confirmed by the Higher Self – to be a teacher of spiritual knowledge. Lincoln knew the spiritual dangers of becoming a teacher: the temptations of power, fame and wealth. So he presented an agreement to the Higher Self:

I know the dangers of becoming a teacher before one is ready. I know the deception and trickery of the ego, it’s desires for fame, money and power. I will not declare myself a spiritual teacher. I want you, the Universal Source, to tell me when it is time to teach. I want Your request to teach to be very clear and not come from within my own mind.

One year later, a Buddhist monk with dharma transmission approached Lincoln and told him that he could be a world-famous guru. To that, Lincoln replied, “I don’t want to be a guru. I don’t want people following me around and doing whatever I say. That wouldn’t be fun. That wouldn’t help them. People must learn to teach themselves.”

Lincoln continued his spiritual lifestyle while holding jobs like any other college student and later graduate. Then in 2007, a close friend suggested that he begin sharing his remarkable ability to channel the Higher Self with others. Remembering his agreement with the Universal Source, Lincoln allowed his friend to record him channeling the Higher Self, while he answered a few spriitual questions. A YouTube account was created and the videos were posted online. Lincoln would wait to see if it was time for him to teach.

Six months had passed and Lincoln forgot about the YouTube videos. Then within the course of one week, he received two emails from YouTube viewers who had been eagerly waiting for new videos to be posted. This then began the Higher Self Teachings.

Within a year the teachings had grown in popularity with many people requesting personal channeling sessions. In 2008, Lincoln opened an office in Sedona, Arizona. Since then the Higher Self Teachings have grown in number and popularity. Workshops have been given throughout the United States. People from over a dozen countries have received Higher Self personal sessions. The Higher Self Teachings have been translated into different languages.

The success of the Higher Self Teachings depends on you. If these teachings resonate with you and you find the information and channeled energy to be beneficial to your spiritual path, then the teachings will continue to be made available. Since the teachings began in 2007, they have been shared at no cost, being supported solely by donation. It is important to maintain the integrity and energetic purity of these spiritual teachings. All earnings from the sales of books and cds will support the Higher Self work and make available future opportunities for sincere spiritual seekers.

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I, Lincoln Gergar, would like to thank all of you for your continued support. You have given me the opportunity to make a difference in this world. All is One. Namaste.”

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