CDs & MP3s

Dive more deeply into your meditation with these Higher Self guided meditations. Each Higher Self CD and mp3 album is a skillfully crafted combination of Higher Self channeled guidance and music engineered specifically for deeper meditation.

Music created with skill and knowledge

The music accompanying all of the Higher Self guided meditations have been created for the purpose of communicating in sound the energies necessary to support the meditation’s awakening and healing processes.

Lincoln Gergar has worked with various musicians and composers to find music specific for each meditation. If you are a musician and would like to be considered for future Higher Self Teaching CDs, please contact me.

The 2012 Awakening: Message, Meditation, Empowerment uses a musical score composed specifically for humanity’s ascension. The instruments, melodies and harmonies capture the emotions necessary to calm the listeners’ minds and inspire their spiritual goals.

The Higher Self Guided Chakra Meditation uses 14 unique musical compositions for all 7 chakra energy centers. The music for each chakra’s awakening and healing has been created in the key of each chakra, using instruments that inspire the emotional mood of each chakra, and with recordings of the sounds of nature related to the elements of each chakra.

The music for each CD is uniquely chosen for the specific intention of that Higher Self meditation. The music helps to create the precise environment needed for an optimal meditation experience.

Channeled guidance from the Higher Self

What sets apart the Higher Self Teachings from other spiritual systems is the direct communication of knowledge and energy from the Higher Self Consciousness.

Every Higher Self Teaching CD contains a live spiritual teaching and guided meditation channeled directly from the Higher Self Consciousness. Every channeling was recorded with the intention and knowing that it would be used in these CDs. You will not find these same channelings repeated in other formats like book or video. In some cases, the knowledge shared may not be available by any other modern-day spiritual teacher.

Spiritual support to use often

The end result of every Higher Self Teachings guided meditation CD is an effective tool for personal growth and spiritual advancement.

These meditation CDs have been designed for repeated use by combining important spiritual information with real-world application and effective meditation techniques.

As has been communicated repeatedly by many Higher Self Teaching practitioners, it is the spiritual energy of the Higher Self that is transmitted through channel Lincoln Gergar that creates the most powerful transformation and awakening experience.