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Radiant Heart Series – Strong Enough to Shine

In 2017, Lincoln the channel for Higher Self, was invited to teach in the Radiant Heart Series.  Along side other notable teachers like Doreen Virtue, Ronna Herman Vezane, Randall Monk and Elizabeth J Foley, PhD, Lincoln presented this channeled teaching from the Higher Self Consciousness.  Now you can purchase this video direct from Higher Self Teachings.

Living Your Heart’s Truth

Your life is a fully interactive process of conscious co-creation.   Your thoughts, your emotions, your words and your actions all determine what will manifest in your life.  Without a shadow of doubt, you are a creator.

In our lives we often struggle to bring our deepest self into the world.  We may know what we want – our personal goals, our dreams, our desires for happiness – yet we struggle in being able to manifest them.   Why?  What is the secret to being a successful manifestor?

The answer is not more information, more methods, special words or secret symbols.   The answer is not a different religion or a different guru.

The answer is something that you are already have.  The answer is your perception.

Your state of perception is the foundation of your reality.   Your perception determines what you are aware of,  what you can experience and what you can understand.   Your perception determines the forms that you can know, create with and change.  If you can perceive it, you can create with it.

In this Higher Self video teaching you will:

  • Learn how to expand your consciousness to perceive yourself and your life from a state beyond your limited human mind.
  • Receive a guided meditation helping you to directly experience your Higher Self state of consciousness.
  • Understand how the process of creation works – starting with your perception and ending with your physical actions.
  • Receive an energetic transmission from the Higher Self channeled by Lincoln, helping you to embody the frequencies of personal empowerment.
  • Experience the unconditional love and total acceptance that the Universe has for you.


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Empower Yourself with Higher States of Consciousness

Existing all around you is a field of creative energy waiting to receive your expression. The Universe is wanting you to create with it!

When we hold back, we create a life of limitation.  Fear, doubt, insecurity, shame, guilt and low self-worth cause us to restrict our own flow of creative energy.  You can be free from these psychological patterns that block your freedom and limit your personal power.  You can shift your consciousness into a higher state of perception where these lower vibrational patterns do not exist.

You have always been a higher consciousness being.  You are this right now and you will always be this.

Receive the support, guidance and empowering energy of the Higher Self in this channeled teaching.  Journey deeper into the expanded states of yourself.  Awaken the creative power of shining from your Spiritual Heart.  Express as a higher consciousness being and create the life that you desire to have.

The truth is that you are a non-physical conscious creating into this physical reality.  You have chosen to manifest into this human experience so that you may explore yourself as a creator.  By embracing the process of creation you will realize what you have always been and who you are destined to become.

This 1 hour 16 minute video teaching was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona on July 5, 2017 as part of the Radiant Heart Series.

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Radiant Heart Series – Strong Enough to Shine

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