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Chakra Meditation: Higher Self Guided Awakening & Healing

Awaken and Heal Your Chakras with the Light of Consciousness & Energy of Love

Chakras are the wheels of psychic energy that store our memories, feelings, beliefs and karma. Chakras transform our mental and emotional energies into physical energies that guide our actions, perceptions and sense of self. The health of our chakras determines our mental, emotional and physical well being.

The purpose of this Higher Self channeled meditation CD is to help you heal your chakras and your emotional energy system using the energy of Divine Love.

The information in this Higher Self guided meditation is a unique combination of Kapila’s Samkhya system and the Higher Self teachings. Samkhya is India’s oldest teaching about nature, energy and consciousness, and is the foundation for Yoga, Kundalini and Tantra.

LEARN the qualities of all 7 major chakras.

AWAKEN each chakra giving you an accurate first-hand experience of your energetic being.

CHANNEL more Divine Love into each chakra.

HEAL with methods that embrace the specific psychological qualities, emotions and energies of each chakra.

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Work More Deeply with Each Chakra

Music composed in the note for each chakra

Each chakra has a musical note (vibrational frequency of sound) related to it. By playing music composed in the musical key related to the chakra, the sound frequency vibrates the chakra, helping to awaken it and remove unwanted “energetic garbage”.

Vibrational healing and sound therapy is an ancient practice that is regaining popularity as a modern tool for energetic and emotional healing. This chakra meditation CD applies vibrational science to create a more effective and quicker chakra healing.

Recordings of each element in nature

Each chakra relates to an elemental energy, with the denser elements at the bottom and the finer elements towards the top. It has long been understood by yogis and the earliest schools of medicine that time spent in nature is deeply healing.

In this guided meditation, the recordings of rumbling earth, running water, crackling fire and whistling wind are integrated into the music for the appropriate chakras. By playing the sounds of these elements in nature, the chakras are awakened more easily and additional healing energy from nature is being delivered. Hearing the sounds of nature accesses deep cellular memories in our body, helping us to release old karmic patterns.

Specific instruments chosen for each chakra

Every musical instrument has a mood. Listening to high-pitched instruments like harps, bells and flutes increases activity in the higher chakra centers. Music from these instruments creates heightened mental activity, focused thinking and clearer perception. Low-pitched instruments like gongs, drums, and large horns increases activity in the lower chakras. These instruments make us feel grounded, solid and stable. Some instruments help open our hearts, others increase sexual arousal.

In this Higher Self Guided Chakra Meditation, musical instruments are played in accordance with the chakras that they affect. The effective pairing of the instrument’s mood with a chakra helps you to awaken your chakra, increase it’s vibration and keep your attention focused more easily.

Precise healing environment

Time and care has been used to masterfully compose the music for each chakra to create the optimal meditation environment. Knowledge, science and intuition have come together to create a more effective, efficient and enjoyable chakra awakening and healing experience.

The Higher Self

The Higher Self is the superconscious, higher mind part of ourselves that is the full expression of Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power. In this meditation CD, Lincoln Gergar channels the Higher Self to guide you on a journey through your energy system as you awaken and heal each chakra center.

In this 2 hour 10 minute awakening and healing meditation, the Higher Self guides you to meditate on each chakra, one at a time, while instructing you about the emotional qualities, mental characteristics, physical aspects, and elemental energies of the chakra.

The 7 Chakras


Earth Element
Musical Note C
Security, Trust


Water Element
Musical Note D
Relationships, Sexuality


Fire Element
Musical Note E
Motivation, Insight


Air Element
Musical Note F
Expansion, Community


Musical Note G


Personal Consciousness
Musical Note A
Perception, Intellect


Universal Consciousness
Musical Note B
Emptiness, Void

Audio Tracks

Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Music: Chakras by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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$29.99 (2 Discs)


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Chakra Meditation: Higher Self Guided Awakening & Healing

Average rating:  

 19 reviews

 by Nicole P

Chakra Meditations: This two CD’s are a wealth of guidance and knowledge and truly a gift from a teacher – Lincoln. Never really worked with the chakras very much before but through these teachings have noticed as Lincoln is helping us clear or tune up these energy centres, could actually feel the energy expanding. These CD’s also give the knowledge of where these chakras are and their purpose. Could actually feel the free flowing energy from the first to the seventh chakra. Truly a wonderful experience and wish it for all those who read this review.

Love, peace and freedom.

Nicole P

 by Michael
Amazing product. Don't hesitate. Buy it!

This Cd does exactly what it says it will do. The energy is truly very strong. Do not worry or have reservations about this product. This is the very best Charkra healing Cd on the market. Please do not be on the fence about this product. I promise it will help you transform your life! Literally every single review on this Cd, both on this site and on Amazon speaks for itself. Every review this far has been positive. Not one negative thing can be said about this phenonomel product. Lincoln is also the best spiritual teacher 😀

 by David
Experience your Chakras!

This CD is by far the best guided meditation on chakras that I have tried! The background music coupled with Lincoln’s soothing voice helps to quiet my mind and emotions and allows me to experience each chakra more fully than I am capable on my own. With the increased focus on each chakra gives me greater knowledge and understanding into its function in my life. With this knowledge I have more control over my emotions. Also when I am guided to bring healing energy into the chakras I am able to feel and sense the changes that are taking place. When I listen to this CD my mood is boosted, I feel lighter, happier, and more free throughout the day.

 by wilma hopkins
The best chakra meditation i have used and i've used alot!

I have used several chakra healing meditations but this one was the only one in which any true healing came about. I personaly put that down to the guided inner work required, it showed me the true road to self healing which made so much sense to me. My first listen and i realized i was on my way to the healing i knew i deserved. I now go to it any time i feel out of touch with myself and im back on track again before the end of it. I am ever so greatful that i chose this cd and would recomend it to any one who wants to finally start and continue the healing process.

 by Jamil Haidari
Chakra Meditation – Very Direct

I have used and tried alot of different chakra meditations. This one is by far the best one. The combination of the musical tones, elemental sounds, and Lincolns guidance gives you a direct experience. When I was done the first time I had to lay down for 10 minutes as I was so flooded with blissful energy. Thank you Lincoln.

 by joiyan

This information helped me a lot to better understand my energy field. Simple, better than to read a book about chakras, it will help you to understand the human different moods at the essence. I highly recommend.

 by brian
true healing

most energy healing is a type of eliminating or removing the past from the body. there is no acceptance of issues in it, so the mind will always recreate the same issues again and again(albeit perhaps in another form).

this cd however, due to the nature of the energy being directed by self(initiated by lincoln) truly heals the past in us. using this guided meditation creates true healing within the mind and releases these old energies and patterns at every level of our being. there are very few energy healing techniques and guided meditations that i would recommend to anyone, but this is definitely one of them.

and as always, with anything that lincoln channels, listening to the messages and following the awareness that you are guided in, deepen one’s experience and understanding of the higher self.

happy listening :u)~

 by Pablo Barg

I’ve never experienced as much complete mental, emotional, and physical peace as I have while listening to this album. Everytime i play it it creates an even greater positive effect. Thanks infinitely Lincoln and Higher Self.

 by Christopher Chung

I havent bought this CD yet but this may be the most authentic chakra meditation CD on the net. Lincoln is very careful, caring and loving with his work and everything he does, this is the first time I ever heard of bringing the energy of divine love into each chakra.

 by shva
Work of Brilliance!

Work of Brilliance in this Amazing and Beautiful Cd, Lincoln. Your love shines through it and makes me feel in tears and fills me with your Uncondinational Love as I am learning to give myself Unconditional love. Even the music is fantastic and I dont wanna stop listening to it. My words are not enough to describe what you are giving us here This is Amazing work, A work of God/Love

 by Esther
Beautiful composed CD to learn about and heal your chakra's. If your chakra's are balanced than so are you!

Beautiful CD! Lincoln guides you effortlesly through each unique chakra so you easily understand their function and where they are located. His loving voice & energy will help you to more fully feel your own love within so you can heal your chakra’s. You might want to work on one chakra or the whole chakra system, its all possible. Thanks Lincoln for helping humanity step up to a higher level!

 by praheya
activation and healing

a big thanks to lincoln for creating this beautiful and powerful meditation cd! bringing awareness to the chakras and letting love flow there for healing (as taught in this cd) became my main practice to heal body, mind and emotions. hope this cd reaches lots of people on this planet! namaste, andi

 by Margarita
Just wonderful

I just love this meditation that Lincoln has facilitated for us. The energy, and the love from higher self shine trough his words. The music and sounds are just wonderful, really help one fully submerge in the experience of each chakra. It is very interesting to learn to perceive the unique feel/energy of each chakra. I enjoy how in between chakras we always go back to the love from our spiritual heart. This is where our healing comes from. 

Just wonderful. 

 by Judy
Higher Self Guided Chakra Meditation

This is a great CD set. Beautiful music, very professionally done, and of course, Lincoln’s knowledge and voice shine through. As it is a lengthy guided meditation, what works best for me is to listen to one Chakra healing per day – every day, in order to be more consistent.

 by Khatera Sahak
Chakra Meditation CD- Highly recommended

The Chakra Meditation CD by Lincoln Gergar is one of the most powerful guided meditations that I have ever done. Lincoln’s sweet voice and loving energy along with the valuable information is deep and transformative. I felt the energy immediately upon listening. It helped me to release deep seated emotional dysfunctions and experience much love and bliss. I highly recommend this CD to anyone and everyone, especially to those who seek to understand and purify themselves on a deep level. Thank you so much Lincoln. Namaste, Khatera

 by dU
A beautiful journey

This is THE road to self- discovery, to an authentic experience of the pure unadultered love that exists within each human, as each human.

 by Michael

I have not finished with the entire CD yet (I have only done the earthly chakras so far)

It is absolutely amazing so far. Me being such a sensitive person-within the first 5 seconds of the session I began to cry. So many held in emotions immediately began to pour out. The music definitely adds to the healing process.

For me it surfaced a lot of my inner emotions that I held within-I knew they were there-but have gone unaccepted of. This helped to heal it with my own Higherself Love.

Me being a musician, at times I would become distracted by the beauty of the music but it was not a probelm- I would immediately return back to awareness of your guidance.

Anybody willing to come to know themselves of what they truly are as an eternal source of Love-an eternal spirit of God- I challenge them to listen to this in silence.

I will be sure to post another review of the upper 4 chakras when completed

Thank you Lincoln-truly thank you and so much Love to you.

 by Brendan Reape
Well worth the money!

I enjoyed this guided meditation very much. Just like in all of Lincoln’s videos, the message from the Higher Self is communicated to the listener in a very organized, easy to understand, loving manner. The energy that I felt coming from this CD as I played it was amazing, and definitely helped me in keeping my awareness focused throughout the recording. It was also nice to hear Lincoln’s voice crisp and clear thanks to the professional equipment used in the recording of this CD. The music in this CD was also very thoughtfully put together, and added a great dynamic to the guided meditation, rather than taking away from it or acting as a distraction. I would also highly recommend checking out Lincoln’s 2012 Awakening CD.

 by Joe
Chakra Meditation: Higher Self Guided Awakening & Healing

A beautiful CD set containing a lot of great information with wonderful meditations and healing!