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From Fear to Love: Working with Fear’s Transformational Power

Fear can empower you or fear can disempower you. You choose.

When used properly, your fear will be a powerful catalyst for positive change. When misunderstood, your fear will stop your personal growth. How you choose to work with fear determines it’s benefit or hindrance. Wanting to be free from fear (or to escape your fear) is not enough. You must understand your fears to learn the valuable life lessons that they hold.

With the information and tools in this CD your fear will work for you. In 60 minutes you will learn:

1. How fear is first created within your mind and emotions.
2. How fear affects your thinking, feelings, perception and chakras.
3. How to transform fear into a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Master your fear. Become empowered to change your life and achieve your goals. You fear cannot hold you back.


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Fear Changes the Chakras

Fear is an energy and like any energy, it must be understood to be effectively worked within. Fear can be a powerful emotion that causes us to seize up, too shocked to think or act. Or fear can be the force that motivates us to overcome adversity and reach our goals.

In this CD the Higher Self will teach you how fear creates change in your chakras, emotions and mind.  Fear first begins in the root chakra, where it challenges the trust we have in ourselves and in God and life.  When used correctly, this fear can motivate us increase our confidence and trust to become more empowered.  Fear can motivate a person to do great things.  However if our fear is not worked with properly, we experience increased insecurity, anxiety and doubt.   How we work with the energy of fear determines how our root chakra, thoughts and emotions will change.

Fear creates a progression of change in all 4 lower chakras.  This CD will examine how these changes happen and teach you how to best work with your this challenging energy.   When used correctly our fear will motivate and inspire, empower and illuminate.   When used incorrectly, fear will restrict and limit, cause distancing and withdrawal.   The information and techniques in this CD will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to master you fear, transforming it into love.  Every step of the way you will be guided by the Higher Self, supporting you with spiritual energy and wisdom.

Channeled from the Higher Self

The Higher Self is the blissful superconscious, higher mind part of ourselves that is the expression of Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power.

Lincoln GergarDuring spiritual awakening, our personal consciousness grows to become aware of the greater parts of ourselves. We may experience energies, intuition, healing abilities and psychic knowledge. We raise our energy vibration and spiritually purify ourselves to embody more of our Higher Self – the eternal soul aspect of our being that experiences blissful union with the Source of Life.

Since 2007 the Higher Self Consciousness has shared it’s message with millions of sincere spiritual seekers through channel Lincoln Gergar – bringing us all closer to the realization of who and what we are.


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From Fear to Love: Working with Fear's Transformational Power

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 5 reviews

 by Robin S.
Best Teacher I Know Of

I started watching Lincoln’s videos a couple of years ago and I noticed that he is not like most of the other teachers out there. I believe he is honestly enlightened. His teachings come from a much higher frequency, and the ideas are huge, but he explains things thoroughly so that if you pay attention, you can understand. His teachings, therefore, affect a much deeper change than what most teachers are able to inspire. It’s the type of change that a person wants but has trouble finding.

Lincoln is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable about a very wide variety of subjects including sungazing, cleansing, meditation, prayer, direction, the chakra system, the ego, letting go, emotional health, and many other things.

He has been releasing free teachings daily to weekly for a few years, (not sure how long exactly) and has been very consistent throughout, never new agey but always grounded in reality and fact. To me this proves that he practices what he teaches. I highly recommend him as teachers like this are hard to find and we all thirst for this type of experience.

 by Sarah
Highly Recommended

This CD is excellent and I’ve found it extremely helpful in the process of clearly understanding the nature of fear, how it affects and influences the different parts of our being, and ultimately shapes our experiences of life and the world. Not only is the information clearly presented but the tools to effectively transform fear are shared with equal clarity. The information and tools have been very supportive in my process of spiritual growth by helping me understand and transform my fears and empower my self-expression in life affirming ways! I find Lincoln’s comprehensive approach to sharing information makes it all very easy to understand and apply on a personal level, which is also guided through the CD. His loving and peaceful energy adds something unique and is especially supportive when it comes to exploring and transforming fear. I am very grateful to Lincoln for creating and sharing all that he does to help empower and bless so many!

 by pvtmartijn

i have been using this cd for the last two weeks now, and can only compliment you on how easily everything is explained. it goes right to the core of fear and leaves the listener with practices that can quickly create changes in both mind and body. can recommend this cd to everyone – even if you think fear is not a great bother to you.

 by Esther

As long as I can remember I have been afraid for almost everything, with its ups and downs. As my fear even further increased I felt drawn to this CD. So last night I listened to it and the experience I had was that I finally felt comfertable in my body, at ease, relaxed. And I felt sronger, empowered. And on top of that I felt my Heart getting warm filled with Love. Lincoln explains so beautifully the cause of the fear and provides a simple but very powerful solution! This CD is a Blessing for everybody who want to be free of fear or feel more empowered! Lincoln you are an amazing human being and I thank you from the depth of my Heart! 🙂

 by Guillaume Lacasse

In this CD, Lincoln Gergar teaches us a very effective way to deal with fear (and some other negative emotions if you somehow adapt the teachings) at each layers of our beings with very comprehensive instructions (which can apply to various cases), wherever your level of spiritual realization is at. It’s great for both beginners and advanced students of meditative awareness.