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Introduction to Sitting Meditation

Step-by-step learn how to correctly meditate

Sitting meditation is humanity’s oldest health care method. When practiced correctly, meditation will calm your mind to restore clear thinking and sound judgement. Emotional problems are helped by creating inner peace. Meditation increases energy levels by correcting breathing patterns and delivering more oxygen to your brain, blood, and cells.

Modern medical science has proven that meditation lowers high blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, strengthens the immune system, reduces depression and insomnia, and increases serotonin. Meditation is one simple exercise that offers many powerful benefits for every person.

This CD will teach you how to meditate correctly step-by-step. Clear instruction, relaxing music, and helpful advice will guide even the most beginning meditator to master the art and science of meditation.

Learn how to meditate using the most ancient & effective methods in recorded human history.

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  1. Introduction

  2. History of Meditation
  3. Purpose & Benefits of Meditation
  4. Meditation Advice
  5. Choosing a Location
  6. Five Meditation Postures
  7. Hand Mudras
  8. Eyes Open or Closed?
  9. Breath Counting Meditation
  10. Breath Awareness Meditation
  11. Meditation Bells Music
  12. Meditation Closing
  13. How to use this CD
  14. Exploring New Meditations

Total Time: 60 minutes

Music by Boris Elkis and Christopher Lloyd Clarke

What is Meditation?

Meditation begins as the practice of using effort to focus awareness on one object or process, such as a point on the body or the breath. As the meditation deepens, less effort is needed to stay focused. The mind becomes less restless and the body more relaxed.

Finally a profound union between the object of focus and the mind arises, where the two are experienced as one single process. Duality of the self and the world is removed. The personal mind vanishes into the Universal Consciousness.

wei wu wei : doing not-doing

In meditation, the less you do the more you achieve.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation restores balance to the whole person.  Meditation is humanity’s most ancient health care method.


  • releases tension
  • increases oxygen
  • improves detoxification
  • improves posture
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • reduces heart disease risk
  • strengthens immune system


  • creates inner peace
  • reduces stress
  • increases self-control
  • reduces anxiety
  • increases compassion
  • creates innate joy
  • creates unconditonal love


  • improves concentration
  • increases mental clarity
  • strengthens memory
  • increases serotonin
  • removes depression
  • removes insomnia
  • reduces headaches


  • creates bliss
  • builds wisdom
  • transcendental experiences
  • extrasensory perception
  • out of body experience
  • self-knowledge
  • spiritual enlightenment

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Introduction to Sitting Meditation

Average rating:  

 5 reviews

 by David
Great Meditation CD

This is a great CD for anyone looking to get started in meditation. It has in-depth explanation of how to perform sitting meditation correctly to receive the greatest benefit. You can see the benefits of meditation in the description of this product and you can also experience the benefits by performing meditation yourself. It does not take much to get started with a meditation practice; just 5-20 minutes in the morning and 5-20 minutes in the evening is enough to experience its benefits. You may even find that you naturally want to increase the amount of time you spend in meditation each day. I wish you the best.

 by Robin
Best Teacher I Know Of

I started watching Lincoln’s videos a couple of years ago and I noticed that he is not like most of the other teachers out there. I believe he is honestly enlightened. His teachings come from a much higher frequency, and the ideas are huge, but he explains things thoroughly so that if you pay attention, you can understand. His teachings, therefore, affect a much deeper change than what most teachers are able to inspire. It’s the type of change that a person wants but has trouble finding.

Lincoln is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable about a very wide variety of subjects including sungazing, cleansing, meditation, prayer, direction, the chakra system, the ego, letting go, emotional health, and many other things.

He has been releasing free teachings daily to weekly for a few years, (not sure how long exactly) and has been very consistent throughout, never new agey but always grounded in reality and fact. To me this proves that he practices what he teaches. I highly recommend him as teachers like this are hard to find and we all thirst for this type of experience.

 by Radek
Good stuff

Very nice introduction to sitting meditation explains a lot although I had to look for some additional information about how to avoid back pain during meditation. like for example angle of sitting. But overall it is very good teaching with cool bells sound that help you get deeper into Your Self.

Thank you for your feedback. The CD does instruct how to correctly align the spine, hips, pelvis, neck and head during sitting meditation. Due to a lifetime of sitting in chairs, slouching, elevated heels in shoes, lack of fitness resulting in weak core and back muscles, and/or athletic injury, poor spinal posture is very common. As instructed, a person can use pillows to add support while the body conditions itself to sit properly. Also doing core exercises and hip opening yoga postures will help. It is very important to allow the spine to maintain it's natural curve while in meditation. Manipulating this natural curve too much will create a distortion in the spinal energy, nervous system and ultimately mental activity. In time and with continuous practice the body will condition itself to sit properly with minimal discomfort and greater ease. I wish you the best in your practice. Namaste.

 by Corey
Simple and powerful

This mp3 is extremely useful for beginners and advanced meditators alike. I was impressed by how simple and to the point it was. I could tell that a lot of experience was put into this mp3. Listening to this mp3 creates a peaceful and relaxing internal environment that aids in the meditation process. Also, the tracks are divided into sections that can stand alone just for the daily meditation or be played in succession for the history, purpose and physical sitting positions. This is a great instruction and nothing else is required. Just breathe!

 by andreas
the perfect guide

in my opinion this is an easy to understand introduction into meditation with all the necessary points mentioned. lincoln´s soft voice and the nice background music help to get into a meditative state right from the start. to me this is the best introduction into meditation i know and i´ll recommend it to everyone who is interested in starting to meditate. thanks lincoln for this one!