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2012 Awakening: Message, Meditation, Empowerment with Light Body Activation

December 21, 2012 marks Earth’s entrance into a new stage in the evolution of human consciousness.

Extremely rare planetary positions and astrological alignments are occurring. The energy of the planets and the stars have long been known to affect human personality and global events.

The Earth is entering a unique location of the Milky Way galaxy, receiving increasing amounts of photons (light particles) from surrounding stars, solar systems and the galactic center. The human body and other organic bodies convert photons (light energy) into electrons (electrical energy). This process accelerates the growth and healing processes of organic life.

The non-physical spiritual dimension is aware of and assisting this rare, powerful and significant period of human evolution. Humanity is being blessed with large amounts of high spiritual frequencies sent by our soul groups, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and spiritual support teams. Prayers, channeled energy healing, and information from the spiritual dimension are shifting the course of humanity.

The evolution of human consciousness is speeding up as humanity has the greatest opportunity in tens of thousands of years to grow in understanding, awaken their Light Bodies and spiritually ascend. This period of time has been foretold by many ancient cultures, including the Maya, the Inca, and the Hopi. Many New Age and spiritually channeled teachings have referenced this human awakening, calling it the Golden Age.

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The 2012 Awakening: Message, Meditation, Empowerment Higher Self CD will guide you on your journey to greater self-understanding and spiritual growth. This CD will educate you about the current growth period in human consciousness and offer you tips and tools to work with these changes in your own life. The concepts and information in this CD is basic enough for the person at any level of spiritual knowledge, from the most basic beginner to the more advanced meditator.

Following the information is a very powerful guided meditation that will energetically awaken your multidimensional Light Body and energetically align all layers of yourself with your Higher Self consciousness. People have reported more vivid and meaningful dreams, lucid dreaming and conscious out of body experience as a direct result of using this Higher Self meditation.

Message Meditation Empowerment

In this 70 minute Higher Self channeling you will learn about the spiritual and energetic changes that are happening within humanity and how you can most effectively participate in your own spiritual awakening. December 21, 2012 marks the end of an era of human confusion and suffering and the beginning of humanity’s spiritual Golden Age.

The first 30 minutes of this Higher Self channeling teaches information about the 2012 awakening that is personal, direct, and easy to understand – helping you to clearly see the central purpose of the 2012 event. Tips and tools are given to help you empower your awakening as a conscious co-creator and effective manifestor in your life. With proper knowledge, the path of spiritual growth is clearer and easier to travel.

The second part is a 40 minute Higher Self guided meditation and Light Body Activation to help you align yourself with your inner spiritual nature and the new energies entering our planet. By energetically aligning yourself, you will be able to spiritually grow with greater ease and at an accelerated rate.

The entire CD is an energy empowerment connecting you more fully to your Higher Self. By applying the information in this CD and working with the Light Body activation meditation you will notice many great changes in your life as you more fully aligned with your Higher Self.

This 70 minute teaching is accompanied by meditative music composed specifically for humanity’s ascension.

May the Higher Self guidance help you to experience a more natural, balanced, and enjoyable 2012 awakening. Namaste.

This Higher Self teaching CD was recorded live on November 11, 2011 at 11:11:11 to capture the energy of humanity’s monumental 11-11-11 empowerment.

By recording this message, meditation and empowerment at this exact time, the greatest embodiment of 11-11 energy in modern human history was energetically imprinted in this CD. Many light workers, meditators and healers feel a strong affinity with the numbers 11-11 – recognizing it as a gateway to the nonphysical spiritual dimensions.

Light Body Activation

Within and around the physical body is a more subtle body composed of blissful radiant energy. This is called the Light Body or Anandamayakosha – the body of bliss.

The Light Body is the most subtle and highest in vibration of all the layers of the human being. As we progress into deeper meditative states we become aware of ourselves as this radiant expression of bliss. The only desire of the Light Body is the blissful celebration of life in every moment, with every object and person. The Light Body consciously experiences itself as blissful oneness with the Creative Source and all life. Realizing the Light Body is the deepest spiritual awakening of our human selves. Beyond the Light Body is Pure Consciousness.

In this Higher Self Light Body Activation, your awareness is guided from the densest layer (the physical body) into the next subtle energy layer called the vital body or prana body. Located in the vital body are the major and minor chakras and the energy channels (nadis or meridans). Next, the meditation guides your awareness into the mental body, then into the body of knowledge and finally into the body of bliss: the Light Body. From the center of your Light Body (the Spiritual Heart) blissful energy is radiated outwards through the denser bodies and into the crown chakra of the vital body where it harmonizes with the cosmic energies that are guiding the 2012 awakening.

As you continue to practice the Light Body Activation your ability to consciously experience these deeper layers of yourself will improve.

Best When Used in the Early Morning and Evening

The Higher Self Light Body Activation is best performed during the early morning hours or in the evening. The transition times of sunrise and sunset are particularly powerful. Because the meditation helps to take our awareness deeper into the non-physical layers of ourselves, these times of day are most supportive for the deepest relaxation while still consciously awake.

When used as an early morning meditation, the CD will help to integrate into our conscious mind the non-physical energies and information from our night time spirit’s travels. Beginning the day with more spiritual awareness and subtle energy body sensitivity will change how we experience our daily human interaction. In time, this meditation will make you aware of the non-physical energetic communication and activity that is always occurring in your various energy layers and Light Body.

Many people have reported that using this guided meditation in the evening has increased lucid dreaming and out of body travel (astral projection). By consciously shifting our awareness into the Light Body before sleep, we make it much easier to consciously transition from waking consciousness to dreaming consciousness or even astral consciousness.

Not only does this meditation correctly guide your awareness into your more subtle energy bodies, it also empowers them with Higher Self energy and Divine Love. This empowerment energy accelerate your spiritual growth.

This meditation serves as an effective tool to awaken higher states of spiritual awareness.

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2012 Awakening: Message, Meditation, Empowerment

Average rating:  

 25 reviews

 by David
Feel your energy body!

This is a great guided meditation for feeling your energy body and bringing Love and universal energy into it. The first part is an explanation of the awakening process in which universal energies are increasingly being poured into the Earth and all inhabitants to assist us in our awakening. The meditation portion guides us to feel our energy body by focusing our awareness on each of our body parts starting with the toes until the entirety of our energy body is felt within our perception. Then we are guided to bring the Love of our spiritual heart into our energy body and then merge that Love with the universal energies that are being shared with us at this time. I highly recommend this CD for anyone on a journey to know more of themselves and more of life.

 by Robin

I started watching Lincoln’s videos a couple of years ago and I noticed that he is not like most of the other teachers out there. I believe he is honestly enlightened. His teachings come from a much higher frequency, and the ideas are huge, but he explains things thoroughly so that if you pay attention, you can understand. His teachings, therefore, affect a much deeper change than what most teachers are able to inspire. It’s the type of change that a person wants but has trouble finding.

Lincoln is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable about a very wide variety of subjects including sungazing, cleansing, meditation, prayer, direction, the chakra system, the ego, letting go, emotional health, and many other things.

He has been releasing free teachings daily to weekly for a few years, (not sure how long exactly) and has been very consistent throughout, never new agey but always grounded in reality and fact. To me this proves that he practices what he teaches. I highly recommend him as teachers like this are hard to find and we all thirst for this type of experience.

 by Zack
Awakening 2012

I’ve bought lots of different meditation cd over the past year. But this is now my favorite! Excellent excellent excellent. Thank you so much Lincoln. This really is a beautiful cd. Really wonderful message. I highly recomment it. Much love.

 by James
Ever Unfolding

I love this cd. Each listening provides greater insight – as my awareness expands, so my understanding improves. I have been working with it for several months now and it has become a reliable tool for centering and experiencing my own inner peace.

 by shva
Light Body Activation is Dynamic

It is so powerful and only doing once I could feel everything, the energy, the vitality, the movements, the dynamics, the vibration, the tingling sensations and the deepening relaxation.

Beautiful preparation for the New Era which I am ready to Embrace and Excited to Experience.

 by John
Very powerful

This meditation is very beautiful and effective. The experience of the light body is wonderful and leaves a blissful sensation in every cell. Much Love and gratitude!

 by Justin Gaylor
Exceeded my expectations in every way!

I generally tend to be skeptical about these sort of things, but I’ve enjoyed listening to Lincoln’s Higher Self channelings, so I thought I would give this CD a try. The first time I tried the 40-minute Light Body Activation, I felt very real, powerful and blissful currents of energy/vibrations/warmth flowing through body. As the meditation deepened, the experienced strengthened beyond anything I have felt in my three months of meditation practice. It’s already an hour later and I still feel subtler currents of energy flowing throughout my body. I also feel generally blissful and less bothered by the worries that I’ve often had trouble shaking. I will use this CD every day. Thank you, Lincoln!

 by Ernalise
Such a lovely awakening meditaiton.

Yes I am still human and I am a happy human too. This CD works so well for my meditation. Every time I have done it, I feel intensely connected to my finer bodies of LIGHT and LOVE. Thank you so much Lincoln for sharing it with the world.

 by Felix
Light body activation

The light body activation meditation is beautiful. On each listen, I feel a revitalised expansion of awareness. Subjectively speaking, the very enjoyable experience, seems to provide a powerful catalyst for soul alignment, new energy integration and further re-remembering of one’s infinite love and joy..the following day. The music chosen is sublime, complimenting the high vibrational sharings of the Higher Self and shining soul, Lincoln Gerger. The light body experience is a buzzing bliss out.. beyond the limits of words. I feel this experience will amplify and deepen, as I continue to enjoy this meditation.

Love and appreciation


 by David Brooks
Felt the movement and vibration of my energy body!

The light body meditation is truly amazing! I could feel the vibration and movement of my entire energy body, and then a heightened perception. When I opened my eyes everything looked and felt so different! I felt as if I was a soul in this body, having a human experience, rather than being the body. The information in the beginning was also clear and easy to understand. I highly recommend that people get this! Thank you Lincoln and Higher Self.

 by Eva
Effective meditation!

I just happened to be exhausted & off-centered today, finding it hard to stay unaffected by things. But now I’m the just the opposite! I’m glad I bought the CD, I didn’t expect this effect! I am now energized and free from those physical stress from sleep-deprivation.

The channelled information before the activation of the light body has helped me to easily return to conscious awareness. I felt electricity at the bottom of my skull dotting up towards my crown as I resonate with the empowering messages. It’s very soothing and calming to listen to, especially with the background music. Also I sensed a brightness near the end of the lightbody activation that brought back my PEACE and vitality. Ty 😀

 by nathan

the best 20 bucks i have ever spent

 by Erin
Life changing in every way!

The first time I listened to the light body activation meditation, about halfway into it, I felt so much joy and love coming from my energy body that I couldn’t contain my happinness and bursted out laughing in tears of joy! This was just from experiencing my own inner bliss! I am so thrilled with my purchase and would suggest that everyone have this experience of their true selves in order to make the most of and prepare for the energies of this great 2012! Namaste 🙂

 by Donna Tough
It's Awakening a Deep Sleeper

I’ve never experienced such relaxation and deep peace than when I have listened to this piece of art, My husband who doesn’t acknowledge anything spiritual and is a sleeper on this earth actually listened to it and said ” Yer it’s good”…so in real terms for thoese of us who are awakening, i translate that into “omg this is the best CD ever made :)…Thank you Lincoln for creating something that could potentially stir my husband from his coma like state and for providing me with a tool that will help support and encourage me on my journey to know my true self….

 by Jay
Beautiful feeling, beautful message

Does Lincoln even need reviews as to how wonderful his teachings and products are? Probably not. But let me confirm that I love his meditations, especially the 2012 Awakening one because they are high quality and put me in a wonderful state of bliss and relaxation. Wishing everyone the best in these exciting times.

 by Radek
Good stuff

Brilliant music, very good guided meditation. Worth buying 😀

 by Steven
It works, blissful body!

This really works, at the end of the empowerment i felt the probound body of light as illuminated warmth burning so blissfully within, and it was’nt so hard to activate, so give it a try all. thankyou very much dear Lincoln 🙂

 by Judy
2012 Awakening

Beautiful meditation to have on CD. I wanted to get back into energy work, which I did for awhile a few years back. I routinely wake up in the pre-dawn hour and then fall back to sleep; so in that interim time is when I’m listening to this, and it’s perfect. Thank you Lincoln.

 by Aza
I can feel it!

This is one of the most beautiful meditations I have ever listened to. The activation of the body light feels very powerful and yet very peaceful. I felt a warm tingling sensation wrapping my body and the love of the universe.

I am planning on using this meditation very often to aid on my awakening process. The explanation about the 2012 events is probably the best I have come accross. Thank you Lincoln!

 by Esther

Great CD, where Lincoln informs you about what is really happening on planet Earth and where he lovingly guides you to activate your Light Body, with some very relaxing music that takes you even deeper. My personal experience is that every time I listen to the meditation the experience grows. A must have for anybody who want to evolve further on this spiritual journey. Thanks Higher Self and Lincoln for making this possible!

 by Adrienne
Embodiment of the Spiritual and the Physical

Hi Lincoln, you have given us a wonderful gift! You showed us the way to fully embody our spiritual into our physical bodies in your chakra meditation, light body activation and message. Your teachings are a blessing for anyone who wants to experience a release or clearing of old ‘baggage’ and an awakening and realization to the freedom of our Consciousness. It an integration of our ‘being-ness’ into a realization of ‘I Am’ awareness…thank you and Namaste

 by brian

beautiful message, as all of lincoln’s channelings are.

meditation is wonderful, the entire body felt like the bliss of my heart afterwards.

 by Brendan Reape
Well worth the money!

I enjoyed this guided meditation very much. Just like in all of Lincoln’s videos, the message from the Higher Self is communicated to the listener in a very organized, easy to understand, loving manner. The energy that I felt coming from this CD as I played it was amazing, and definitely helped me in keeping my awareness focused throughout the recording. It was also nice to hear Lincoln’s voice crisp and clear thanks to the professional equipment used in the recording of this CD. The music in this CD was also very thoughtfully put together, and added a great dynamic to the guided meditation, rather than taking away from it or acting as a distraction. I would also highly recommend checking out Lincoln’s guided Chakra Meditation.

 by Joe
2012 Awakening

The information contained on this CD and the guided meditation are wonderful! Thank you! I felt something new and old at the same time, like something familiar that was forgotten…

 by Jamil
2012 Awakening

Amazing product, the message is beautiful, and the guided meditation is very powerful. It is definitely a meditation that will grow with the individual using it.

Thank you..