Namaste. You have landed on this page because you either own or operate a potential location for a Higher Self Teaching event or are acting as an event coordinator. Please read the following information so that you understand the purpose of my work and how everyone can benefit together. I will try to keep the text short and precise. I know that your time is important and I will not waste it.

First, I would like to welcome you to the Higher Self Teachings and introduce myself, Lincoln Gergar a channel for Higher Self. I was born already spiritually awakened, was given numerous spiritual experiences as a child, and displayed unique characteristics and abilities – including psychic clairvoyance, clairaudience, premoitional visions and dreams, out of body and astral travel, and energy healing.  These experiences were natural to myself (and I believed at the time to everyone else) because I lived in a natural samadhi state of mind (without thought).  In my teens  and early 20’s, a handful of spiritually aware people recognized my unique state of being and encouraged me to share my services publicly.  In 2007, at the age of 25, I began sharing the Higher Self Teachings to a worldwide audience using YouTube, Skype and numerous websites.  I also worked at healing centers in Arizona and Pennsylvania.  By January 2013, I had created over 500 full length video teachings that span over 300 hours of spiritual teachings on a wide variety of topics [available at Channel Higher Self]. All of these teachings were provided at no cost to the audience. At present, I continue to release a new public teaching each week.

My purpose in creating these free video teachings and by donation personal consultation sessions is to provide any interested person with high quality spiritual knowledge.  My goal is to help people have genuine spiritual experiences, which is significantly more than only learning spiritual concepts.  I share the complex study of spirituality, psychology and personal health in a manner that any person can understand and benefit from.  It is my sincere feeling that genuine spiritual knowledge should be available to everyone, regardless of geographic location, ethnicity, gender, age or economic position. Knowledge and energy that empowers people to improve their lives and society should not be restricted or withheld. Ultimately everything is a gift from from God / Source Consciousness and should be shared to others as a sacred gift.

In 2010 I began a new phase of my life work, visiting different countries offering private and public teachings. Whenever possible these teachings are offered via donation. Some events, however, required set fees and thus moderate amounts were chosen. I fully understand the need to cooperate within the economic and social systems of this world. So if your location requires a set fee I understand and will comply. My goal in this work is to reach the greatest audience that I can. Supporting your spiritual center to continue to operate is my pleasure.

I would like to use your event center as a venue for my Higher Self Teachings. You have likely been in communication with either myself or an assistant; many of the details about your center we already have. Below you will find a list of potential workshop and lecture topics that I offer. Many of these topics I have presented before and new ones will be added as I continue to teach. I would like to know which event topic(s) best serve your audience. Because I teach in many countries and to a wide range of people, your help is greatly appreciated.

Higher Self Teachings Event Topics

* All event titles are optional and can be changed to best fit your audience.


Connecting to Your Higher Self

Event time can range from 2 hours to 1 day.

We all have within us a greater consciousness, intelligence, power and Love.  Some spiritual traditions call it the Soul, Buddha Nature, God Consciousness, the Natural State, Superconsciousness, Enlightenment or the Authentic Self.  I call it the Higher Self.  It is the greater part of ourselves.  We all exist as this greater consciousness, however few of us know how to awaken it and live as it.

In this workshop you will receive direct teachings to help you understand what the Higher Self is, and more importantly, instructions on how to directly reach this state of self-realization.  There are many teachings about the Higher Self / spiritual enlightenment – but most are repetitions of memorized concepts passed down throughout history.  The unique nature of this set of teachings is that they are given directly, in the moment, from the Higher Self state of realization.  This effectively delivers not only the spoken words, but also the non-physical energy of the higher consciousness state.  The direct transmission of Higher Self energy will offer greater support, helping all participants experience a more direct and accelerated awakening.

In this workshop, I do not claim to awaken anyone.  This is not a sales pitch for enlightenment.   Spiritual awakening cannot be purchased. Everyone awakens when the conditions are correct and only the Source Consciousness (God) knows when this is.  What I offer is greater support to help any sincere spiritual aspirant.

Learning Authentic Meditation: Going Deeper into your Self

Can be 1 day, but is best if 2 or more days.  More days allow for deeper instruction and longer guided meditations. 1-day workshop will teach 3 of the 6 meditation methods.

Journey deeper within yourself in this meditation intensive.  Understand the many powerful benefits of meditation.  We begin the workshop by starting with the outer most methods of meditation and progress, step by step and layer by layer deeper into ourselves.  You will receive a new meditation method at each layer of your being, helping you to best concentrate and quiet your senses, body, emotions, energy system and mind.  In the end we reach the state of pure consciousness – the deepest part of yourself.

This workshop is the ideal setting for you to escape from 3D life to enter the timeless awareness of your inner self. The meditation instruction provided will be a unique combination of ancient methods from Yoga, Kundalini and forest dwelling Buddhism (pre-monastic era), along with the Higher Self knowledge and guidance.

Ample time will be provided for the group questions and answers after each guided meditation and instruction period.  Personal consultation will be available upon request. When you exit this workshop you will have learned effective meditation techniques and, most importantly, have gained more confidence in your meditation practice and deeper realization about your true self.

Opening to Your Heart’s Desire: Gaining Clarity in your Life

Event time can range from 2 hours to 1 day.

Why are we here?  What is the purpose of our life?  Is there a soul and does the soul have it’s own purpose or plan for our lives?  How can we experience our soul and know our life purpose?

The information and energy from in this event will answers these questions and more.  For my entire life I have had access to my deepest self.  Now I can help you to better understand your own heart’s desires – the primary purposes for your human incarnation.  Guidance will be given to assist you in becoming your own master as you gain the clarity and confidence to create your life from deeper within.

Learn Higher Self Sway Test – using your body as a pendulum to receive accurate intuition from your Higher Self – that is not blocked or changed by your thoughts.  Awaken your Spiritual Heart (the deepest human energy center) to receive more creative energy, mental clarity and spiritual bliss and Love.  Learn methods to connect your conscious mind with your Higher Self consciousness to receive intuitive knowledge and support.

This workshop will give you supportive information to remove doubt and confusion, specific instruction to empower you, and unique methods to help you become more connected within.  By the end of our time together you will have a fuller experience of your spiritual self and know how to effectively guide your life forward.

Awakening Divine Love From Within Your Spiritual Heart

Event time can range from 2 hours to 1 day.

Experience the joy of awakening the deepest spiritual energy center in your human being: the Spiritual Heart.  Deeper than the heart muscle, deeper than the anahata heart chakra, deeper than the emotions of joy and compassion, is the Spiritual Heart.  Referenced in numerous ancient scripture and spiritual books, the Spiritual Heart is the doorway through which our Higher Self’s blissful energy shines.

This workshop will guide you in opening the Spiritual Heart, allowing your Higher Self to bath your body in blissful ecstasy, nourish your emotions in Divine Love, and silence your mind in timeless peace. This event provides all the information and tools necessary to help you take control of your human being, by surrendering to God what is unnecessary and embracing what is.

Deep meditation is made easy in this workshop as the confusion of over thinking is removed by the radiance of your heart.  Our thoughts are always chasing after happiness, desire after desire.  When the source of our happiness is awakened from within our hearts, the mind naturally and effortlessly falls silent.  We live in peace, knowing who we are.  From this peace, we radiate blissful Love energy.  We are empowered in every moment, embracing the experience of human co-creation.  Meditation brings us into ourselves.  Love brings us out into this world.

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine with Advanced Energy Practices

Event time can range from 2 hours to 2 days.  More time allows for more meditation practices and deeper study.

All of manifestation is based on polar relationships – self & other, form & formless, hot & cold, male & female. It is only through contrast that the manifest experience is possible. Many ancient spiritual teachings emphasized the importance of living in harmony and balance with these interactive forces, citing that greater imbalances in our own masculine-feminine energy system resulted in greater mental, emotional and physical suffering. By working to harmonize and heal our inner male-female energies, all aspects of our inner self improve and our outer relationships benefit greatly.

In this  workshop you will be taught the fundamental concepts about the masculine and feminine aspects of the human energy system. The teachings of Yoga, Kundalini, Tantra, and Taoism will form the foundation of information and provide a map of your own energy body. The channeled Higher Self will guide you in the application of these teachings in your own life, as well as leading you on 3 unique energy practices to harmonize and unite the masculine and feminine energies within you.  With healthier inner male and female energies, the quality of our human relationships greatly improves.

This will be a light-hearted and intellectually enriching workshop that will provide you with techniques to continue to improve the health of your energy system.  Knowledge about the structure of the male psyche and the female psyche will be shared.  This will help you to understand the opposite sex, as well as yourself.

Master the Creation of Your Life: True Secrets for Success

A short version can be taught in 3 hours.  Best if the event is 1 to 2 days due to depth of study.

Become more empowered to successfully create the life you want to live.  Mastery of your life begins with mastery of yourself.  Learn how to work with your own mind, emotions and body to create a more successful human creative experience.

The workshop begins by helping you to develop a stronger connection to your Higher Self within.  More accurately understand your soul’s path, the goals that you set out to accomplish in this lifetime, and your deepest inner desires for happiness.   Then, with a strong foundation in place, learn how to bring this inner knowledge through your mind to merge with your creative energy and emotional power.   Finally, take this completed inner expression into your physical body and out into the physical world.  Success in our lives becomes much easier and effective when we know the science of creative success.

This workshop provide empowering information to help the participants better understand how the mind, emotions and creative physical expression work.  Guided exercises will be performed to deepen the information.  Real-world methods of using your mind to co-create your ideal life experience are given.

The shortcomings of many “manifestation” and “Law of Attraction” teachings is their lack of knowledge of what the mind actually is.   So many teaching focus on thought creation and little else.   My goal is to present a better developed science of mind mastery and personal creative mastery, taught directly by the Higher Self Consciousness.  These teachings are presented in a way that any person can easily understand and apply, yet originate from a high level of enlightened consciousness.

Awaken Inner Peace in a World of Change: Mind and Emotion Mastery at All Times

Best for 1 hour to 5 hours.  For longer events, meditations and guided practices are taught.

The world is changing very quickly.  Often we feel pulled out of balance as our lives change.  In this workshop you will learn how to stay centered and at peace during challenging times – both personal and global.

Using a combination of knowledge and methods from many ancient schools and the Higher Self teachings , you will be learn how to successfully control your mind and experience unshakable inner peace. Instruction will include lessons on the emotional energy system and the locations of your behavioral patterns.  Underlying the emotional patterns are belief patterns that create your responses to life.  You will learn how to remove belief patterns that do not serve you and replace them with ones that do.

In addition to receiving practices to clean and clear your emotional system, techniques will be given to help you control your mind, especially during times of anxiety and fear.  There is a direct link between the emotional energy centers and the mind and thoughts.  To achieve the greatest inner peace, mastery of both the mind and emotions is essential.  This workshop will help you achieve this mastery with ease.

The struggle of self-control, self-healing and spiritual growth is easily removed when we work from a place of higher consciousness and use practices that operate in harmony with Universal laws.

Experience Your Chakras: Know Why They Exist and How to Work with Them

Shortest teaching is 5 hours.  Best if workshop ranges from 2 days to 7 days.  Longer events allow for deeper experiences of the chakra system.

Since India’s earliest science and philosophy school by Kapila was founded around 200 CE, and continuing until today, chakras have been a major part of spirituality and human understanding.  Located along the spinal column, existing in a non-physical emotional layer of our human being, are the 8 major chakras.   Each chakra contains specific personality characteristics, emotions and attitudes, as well as stages of consciousness evolution and personal karmic patterns.  The entire chakra system is a representations of the energetic evolution of the Universe, with each chakra having elemental and dimensional qualities.

This workshop will break down the complex science chakra system and present it in a way that is easy to understand and appreciate.  Guided meditations are provided after each section of instruction to help you have a first-hand experience of what is being taught.  Every participant will complete this workshop with a genuine experience of their own chakras and knowledge of how to best work with them.

Important: This workshop is very different than other workshops of chakras.  Nearly every chakra workshop will tell you concepts about the chakras (color, sounds, and qualities).  This may strengthen your memory, but it will not help you personally experience your chakras and know how to effectively work with them.  I was fortunate to receive instruction on the chakras from many rare sources, including personal training in India that taught me the original teachings on chakras.  I discovered that over 95% of chakra teachings in modern books and websites are inaccurate… and in many cases extremely incorrect. Why is modern day knowledge of chakras highly flawed?  Because the teacher cannot actually experience their own chakras.  The teachings are in the imagination only and therefore highly likely of error. If the teacher could personally experience the chakra system, then the inaccuracies would be obvious and the information would be adjusted.

My purpose in presenting this workshop is to, first and foremost, help people have a genuine personal experience of their own chakra system.  The teachings will give the participants an accurate map to better understand their own energy systems.  This map has been created from India’s earliest spiritual school, along with numerous other schools that have stood the tests of time.

 Secrets of Your Breath: Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of Your Body

Event time can range from 2 hours to 5 days.  More time allows for deeper exploration of breathing practices.

Your breath has always been the most effective tool for you.  Your breath controls your mind, emotions, energy system and physical body.  Nearly every ancient spiritual system taught breath awareness and breath control.  We see different breathing practices recommended in medicine, fitness and spirituality.   But what is often missing is the knowledge that the ancient masters had.  Why is the breath so important?  Why does the breath control the mind, emotions and body?  What is correct breathing?  What happens to our breathing as we spiritually evolve?

This is a very unique and rare look at the simple act of breathing – and the great depth that our breath has.

  • Learn how your breath changes in response to your mind and emotions.
  • Learn how to adjust your natural breathing to improve your mental performance, emotional peace and physical energy levels.
  • Learn how the breath regulates your acupuncture energy channels, nadis, and chakras.
  • Learn how to breath qi and prana (life force energy) in addition to oxygen.
  • Learn how to reach higher states of consciousness, awaken your kundalini and achieve out of body experience by controlling your breath.
  • Learn the ancient yoga science of the breath – and how our breath changes with the times of day and the stages of our lives.
  • Learn how to breath one way for increased energy and a different way for increased peace.

There is so much amazing knowledge about our breath that most people fail to learn and appreciate.  In this workshop you’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation of your breath, in addition to many breathing practices to improve your human experience.

More topics to be posted soon…

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this webpage and watch the video.  I hope that my style of teachings and area of knowledge can benefit your event center and your clientele.