The Channel Higher Self teachings have been provided free of charge since I made my services public in 2007.  I feel that genuine spiritual knowledge should be available to everyone, regardless of geographic location, ethnicity, gender, age or economic position. Knowledge and energy that empowers people to improve their lives and society should not be restricted or withheld.

Why do you offer free teachings when most other spiritual teachers charge set fees?

It is my desire, that while living upon this Earth to live as fully as my Higher Self Consciousness as I am able to.  As part of this human journey I wish to live as an example to people that we can fully trust in the Divine Source.  This includes trusting that all of our human needs are met.  There is a Greater Power in Life than the man-made systems of limitation.  We can learn to connect more fully to this Greater Power and allow ourselves to become channels of the Divine.  We can learn to interact with the Creative Consciousness to have all of our needs met.  There is no reason why our minds must believe in limitation and suffering.

I recognize that we all live within the confines of a mind-made financial system that depends upon limitation and control for it’s existence.   I also recognize that we all must participate in this financial system to some degree.   Even the most basic of human needs are held within this restrictive human system.   Despite having to operate within this global system, we do not need to create within our mind, body and spirit these same restrictions and limitations.  In time humanity will learn to live by the Laws of the Universe.  Until that time comes we can still do our very best to live according to our inner knowing and higher laws.

How are your own monetary expenses met while offering these seminars?

I rely on the free will financial donations provided by those people who feel guided to support my Higher Self work in this world.  As long as my service is desired by others and as long as I have adequate means to continue my service, I will.

Hosting Higher Self events online and traveling around the world does require money. Expenses such as food, rent, internet connections, computer equipment, video and sound equipment, and transportation do add up.  However rather than restrict my service, I choose to share it unconditionally.  In this way I am trying to live by the example that the Divine Source has set for me.  We are all given Life and Love unconditionally.  Never does the Source ask for anything in return.  Yet the Source always accepts and appreciates our devotion. Likewise, the more we give of ourselves to the Source, the more we receive in return. This is a central principle in the Higher Self Teachings: the necessary devotion and surrender to Source to purify the personal ego structure.

How can I donate to support you and the Higher Self work?

I am always grateful for any support that is provided to support my work in this world.  You can make your donations using the PayPal button below or by mailing me US paper currency, personal bank checks, or money orders.   PayPal is the world’s largest online financial exchange service.  PayPal will allow you to send me donations from most major credit cards or directly from your personal bank account.  Setting up a PayPal account is not necessary to donate using your credit card.

IMPORTANT: I prefer donations sent via US Dollars, personal check or money order to avoid the fees charged by PayPal. If possible please mail me a donation. My mailing address can be requested using the contact form here.

International donations can be made using PayPal.

To send payment using PayPal, please follow these instructions.

  1. Sign into your PayPal account at
  2. Select “Pay or Send Money” from the top blue menu bar
  3. Select “Send money to family or friends”
  4. Enter the email lincoln [at]
    * Replace the [at] with the @ symbol.  You may copy and paste this email address to be sure it’s spelled correctly.
  5. Enter your amount in US Dollars.
  6. Select the “Next” button.
  7. On the next page, enter “Payment for Higher Self Event” in the “Add a Note”.  Also, type your first and last name.  I will use this information to record your payment and contact you in the future.
  8. Select “Send” and you’re done.

How much should I donate?

For those who are new to spirituality, personal consultation, seminars and workshops, I offer these figures to help you form a clearer idea of the typical fees charged for the type of services that I offer.   I offer these numbers as a guide and not a restriction.  Look within yourself and follow your inner guidance when choosing the amount of your donation.

If a donation amount is not stated in the description of the event, then please use this table below.

Suggested Donation Amounts

  • Personal Consultation (1 hour): $150-225
  • Group Seminar/Workshop (2 hours): $20-60
  • Group Seminar/Workshop (3 hours): $30-100
  • Group Seminar/Workshop (5 hours): $50-200
  • Group Seminar/Workshop (8 hours): $100-500
  • Group Seminar/Workshop (2 days): $150-750
  • Group Seminar/Workshop (2.5 days): $200-1000
  • Group Seminar/Workshop (3 days): $300-1000
* Note:  Suggested donation amounts are the same for in person attendance or Skype attendance.  Ultimately these numbers are guidelines.  Go within and donate what feels right.
* Note: Some events have specific donation amounts set in the events’ listings.  Please honor these amounts as minimum rates.  Often the requirements and fees of the location being used determine a set amount.

The Channel Higher Self events are unique.

It is important to understand that the Higher Self Teaching events are fully-guided workshops with extensive teachings, Higher Self channeling, personal consultation (question and answer format, both public and private when available), guided meditations and energy work. In many ways they are unlike anything offered elsewhere.

The Higher Self Teaching events are unlike more common meditation retreats in which very little instruction or teaching is given while the participants spend the majority of their time sitting in silence meditation – something that they can do outside of the event. And they are unlike workshops that use extensive group interaction to experiment on each other. These events are a time for you to interact directly with the Higher Self as channeled by Lincoln Gergar, as well as Lincoln’s own personality and his life experience. I’ve designed these workshops to give to you the most information and potential for deep spiritual transformation as I can fit into the time available. Since I began creating these videos in 2007, the purpose has been you… and these events are no different.

The participation for these events is often limited to allow for a more intimate exchange of knowledge and energy. The goal of these workshops is your own spiritual growth and personal benefit, and the workshops have been design to keep this at the heart.

How do you set your donation amounts?

The costs of offering a seminar or workshop are extensive, more so because most events are hundreds or thousands of miles away from my home.  The total cost of the seminar includes:

  • renting of the event location
  • transportation, food and lodging for the event staff
  • cost of advertising materials, printed and digital, including design costs
  • cost of marketing and advertising the event
  • compensation for the person responsible for answering emails and phone calls regarding the event
  • any food or beverage supplied during the event
  • any printed materials and hand-outs for the event
  • rental of any computer or presentation equipment
  • computer software necessary to design the presentation
  • and more…

It is only after all of these initial costs – which are typically paid out of pocket before the event – are recovered that the presenter can earn a profit.  Add to that the emotional rigors of travel and speaking demands placed upon the presenter, plus the time and energy invested by the presenter to educated him/herself long before offering events was ever considered.  Often people forget how much money, time and energy the presenter has spent for years gathering the information that they have collected, assimilated, sorted through and condensed for their workshops.

Aren’t all true spiritual teachings given free of cost?

Over the years of offering Higher Self Teachings I have often been met with the attitude and belief of others that I am obligated to serve them, without donation or even my own personal choice to comply. They feel as though it is my unquestionable duty because I am spiritual teacher, and if I do question their demand then I am not genuine. In humanity we see this same obligation to serve attitude in areas of business, politics, war, parenting, schooling, and religion.  My own experience has shown me that in no way is any person obligated, against their own free will, to serve anyone else – not even God. The Source of Life has given us all free will to co-create our life journey. We always have a choice, even the choice to serve God’s Will or our own ego’s will.

Ultimately I offer these services to serve God’s Will and not the will of every person who requests my aid. Often, the two are aligned – when the person’s heart is sincere. But in the cases where the will of God and the will of man are at odds, to the best of my ability I will follow the Will of God as I know it to be.

In many ways this is why the Higher Self Teachings that I channel are unique. Unlike most other spiritual teachers who teach memorized concepts and hold dualistic beliefs from their personal ego mind (right vs wrong, should vs should not), I must surrender my own personal mind and self to effectively channel the Higher Self. I must be willing to give up what the ego values to allow the Higher Power to work through me.

And even for those people who do not wish to participate in events or personal sessions, I have over 1,500 free Higher Self teaching videos online. The Higher Self guidance is never withheld completely. We all have the free will to choose how we wish to connect.

Donate with Love

Ultimately, donations are a sign of appreciation for what is being given by the presenter and the time and energy of everyone involved in the event’s creation. Please give from your heart when placing your donation. All words, emotions, thoughts and physical objects given in the energy of Love carry forward this Divine frequency from your self into creation. Make every action a blessed one.

IMPORTANT: I prefer donation send via US Dollars, personal check or money order to avoid the fees charged by PayPal. If possible please mail me a donation. My mailing address can be requested using the contact form here.

International donations can be made using PayPal.