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Below you’ll find the information to guide your event.  Please read this page.

Welcome to the Heaven on Earth Zone!

On June 7th & 8th, we will be raising the vibration of this world in a major way.  Thank you for adding yourself to this celebration and consciousness expanding experience!  Together we will transform this world into bliss!

Event Instructions

Enter the “Heaven on Earth Zone” in Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains

Day #1:
Saturday June 7, 2014
Time: 9:00am to the end of the night (local time GMT +1)

Day #2:
Sunday June 8, 2014
Time: 9:00am to the end of the night (local time GMT +1)

Location: Glendalough House, Annamoe, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Please plan to by 9:00am on each day.  The first channeling begins at 10:00am each day.  Channeling will end in the early evening and hours of social celebration begin!

Skype participants: Please be online signed into Skype by 9:45am Ireland time (GMT +1).  This converts to 4:45 am Eastern USA time or 1:45 am Pacific USA time.   The entire day of channeling will be broadcast on Skype.

Stay the night at Glendalough House

Heaven-on-Earth-Zone-Ireland-01Spend the night in one of Glendalough Houses’ magestic bedrooms.  If you’d like to rent a room, please contact Glendalough house directly. Glendalough will quote their room rates.

Phone: +353 83 100 6503

Additional accommodations and lodging in the Wicklow Mountains area are also available.  Click to view the list: Glendalough-House-Recommended-Accommodation-2014

Personal Higher Self Channeling Sessions in Ireland

From Thursday June 5 until Tuesday June 10, I am making myself available for personal one-on-one Higher Self channeling session.  If you would like to schedule a time to work with me in person, please reply to this email and tell me.  It is important that we schedule an appointment as early as possible.

Sessions will take place at the Glendalough House or at my host’s home in Wicklow. I am requesting a separate donation for personal sessions.  Recommended donation amount range is 100 to 150 Euros per session.  Each session is 1 to 1.5 hours long.

After Thursday June 10, I will move onto London, England where I contine the rest of my 2014 European Tour.  More opportunities to work with me are posted here: Higher Self Teachings: Events

To schedule your personal Higher Self channeling session, contact me.

Preparations to Enter the Heaven on Earth Zone

The Heaven on Earth Zone will catapult your consciousness into the highest states of spiritual realization and angelic frequencies!  In the days prior to this event, all light workers and light warriors are advised to amp up their frequencies.  Meditate, download, soul travel, channel….  Dig into your spiritual toolkit and go to work on your Divine holographic energy system to make it sparkle and shine!  We want to see you in your Divine glory!

At the event there will be scores of light beings, angels, Ascended Masters, and God Consciousness realized souls to transport everyone to higher states of Reality.  To get the most benefit from the Heaven on Earth Zone, please prepare yourself as your Higher Self and spiritual guides instruct you.

I’ve created this video to guide you in a God Consciousness meditation and energy empowerment to help prepare your energy system:  Rare & Powerful Channeled Meditation to Enter the HEAVEN ON EARTH ZONE

Lincoln GergarEnter the Zone!

I eagerly await this monumental opportunity to shift the realities of mankind.  I look forward to sharing in your soul’s light as we all radiate our Eternal Divinity into this holographic 5-D world!

Blessings and Love,

~ Lincoln, channel for Higher Self