The Channel Higher Self seminars, workshops and classes provide an opportunity for genuine spiritual students (both beginner and advanced) to learn directly from myself, in person, in many locations around the world.  The success of these Channel Higher Self events is up to all of us.

Since 2007, I have been the sole channel, presenter, cameraman, video editor, sound engineer, graphic designer, website designer, and promoter for Channel Higher Self.  Plus, I’ve answered thousands of questions about my teachings.  As some of you already know, the Higher Self work has become my full time job – supported by donation.

For these Higher Self events, I will need your help.

A lot of work goes into setting up and putting on a public seminar, workshop or class.  For these events be a success, I will need your help.  It will be your role to find a suitable location for the event, communicate with the location staff to reserve the space for the event, and to help advertise the event in your community.  In addition, your responsibility will be locating a suitable location for me to stay during my event – such as a donated spare bedroom at your home or a friend’s home or a nearby hotel / motel room.

All costs will be paid by myself, using the donations provided by the event participants.  I will only be requesting your time and energy to help me set up these event.

If you are interested in having me come to your area to teach a Higher Self seminar, workshop or class please fill out the following form.  Please answer all of the questions.   Please type the word ‘undecided’ if you feel unable to answer a question at this time.

After submitting your hosting form, I will contact you to review your information and to present you with any additional details for your workshop.

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