Spirit and Soul Retreat

Spirit and Soul Retreat with Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Ascent into your Multidimensional Potential

  • Co-create with your Everyday Spirit Guides
  • Activate your Supernatural Gifts
  • Free Yourself from Energetic Negativity

Thank you for participating in the the Spirit and Soul Retreat with Sigrid van Heerwaarden and Lincoln Gergar, the Channel for Higher Self.   As a show of appreciation, Lincoln is offering a 33% off coupon for all products sold through his websites Higher Self Teachings and Channel Higher Self.

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  • guided meditation CDs or downloaded mp3 files
  • video workshops
  • YouTube video mp3 downloads (available on Channel Higher Self)

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One on One Higher Self Channeling

To work with Lincoln in a personal channeling session, please message him using the contact form.  Lincoln offers one-on-one sessions in which he channels the Higher Self to support your spiritual awakening.  In session you will receive

  • the Higher Self’s answers to your questions
  • energetic support that assists in the raising of your vibration
  • information and exercises for the healing and purification of your mind, emotions and energy system
  • clarity related to your life situations – understand why events happen and how creation works
  • additional information that the Higher Self sees is important for you at this time in your life

For more than 20 years, Lincoln has helped souls to find clarity and achieve success in their human journeys.   Personal Higher Self channeling sessions are a powerful way to experience accelerated personal growth and spiritual awakening.  To work with Lincoln, please contact him here.

Guided Meditations CDs & MP3s

Video Workshops

Why are the Higher Self Teachings unique?

The Higher Self Teachings by Lincoln Gergar are very different from other spiritual teachings. They are a direct transmission of higher consciousness information and energy from the Higher Self. The limited human ego has been removed as the channeled information is delivered to you.

In modern times, the majority of spiritual teachers repeat concepts, information and practices that have been read in books written by other authors. These teachings are taught from one personal mind to the next personal mind as a transmission of conceptual information only. Often times the teachers repeating the information have little or no experience with the what the actual information is pointing to – such as genuine spiritual enlightened, the ‘no mind’ state, the spiritual Self, actual kundalini awakening, other dimensions, etc. In modern times, many people are publishing other people’s ideas. This trend has resulted in inaccurate information, misunderstood spiritual truths and the projection of personal imagination.

No Preparation

The Higher Self Teachings are genuinely different. All of the Higher Self Teachings are taught in the moment, with no planning, no scripts and no memorized information. In the moments prior to the live satsang, Lincoln often has no idea even what the video’s topic will be.

When watching the live videos the words are spoken in a rhythmic flow without pause or hesitation. It is evident that these teachings are not rehearsed or memorized.

No Thinking

During the actual channeling of the Higher Self teachings, Lincoln’s own personal mind is empty, still and silent. Whether for 20 minutes or 2 hours, Lincoln has no personal thoughts in his mind. When deeply connected to the Higher Self the information and energy directly flows through him as he stays in the state of present moment awareness and spiritual surrender. Lincoln Gergar is a conscious channel, having full awareness of what is being spoken – hearing it for the first time just as the audience is hearing it. In this state of surrender and communion, Lincoln’s communicates an accurate and powerful Higher Self message.

Pure Channeling

The skill of Lincoln Gergar is that he is able to directly enter the Higher Self Consciousness state and channel this energy and information as a direct transmission. As Lincoln continues to work with the Higher Self in this way, his ability to embody and communicate the Higher Self knowledge increases. The more time spent in communion with the Higher Self, the more pure and powerful a channel he becomes.